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Clients Modern Wedding Album - Peterborough Wedding at Haycock Hotel

The Modern Album is in the middle of our pricing range. This luxurious 10” x 10” digital album allows us to create an individual artwork layout for each and every client. The album is handcrafted in the UK, has a magnetic gatefold latch to close the album and comes in a velvet lined presentation box.

Rebecca & Glenn initially chose our standard 15 page album. However they fell in love with so many images that they upgraded to a 20 page album to accommodate over 150 of their favourite photos. If you would like to read more about their fantastic wedding at the Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Nr Peterborough please see their story on our previous blog Peterborough Wedding Photography - Rebecca & Glenn at the Haycock Hotel

Peterborough wedding photographer Cambridgeshire photography
clients wedding album
Peterborough wedding album Northamptonshire wedding photographer

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Peterborough Wedding Photography - Haycock Hotel with Charlotte & Iain

The Haycock Hotel in Wansford, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is a regular venue for our wedding photography. Both Charlotte and Iain are in the Military which meant the first opportunity we had to meet was for their Pre-wedding Engagement Photo Shoot, at the Haycock, three days before their wedding. After the shoot, a relaxed cup of coffee and a chat, we were all upto speed with the arrangements for the day and how the photography timeline was going to work.

The day was bathed in sunlight, thankfully, as the days leading upto the wedding the skies continually rained resulting in very wet and soft grass areas and flooding the river Nene. The beauty of the Haycock Hotel is that there are plenty of ‘hard standing’ options when required so we opted for ‘plan B’ and the day went without a hitch. We were especially excited with the prospect of an official Guards Honour (a first for us), also with some of Charlotte’s and Iain’s colleagues re-forming a band to entertain during the evening, which leads to another ‘first’. After the band played a personal song for Charlotte & Iain, Rob (Strobe Disco Roadshow) announced the first dance. Everyone gathered as the newly wed couple embraced for a smooch when suddenly the music changed to the Birdy Song with Charlotte & Iain performing the mandatory arm waving and bum wiggling to everyones delight. It wasn’t cheesy at all, but strangely fitting, a brilliant idea - a special moment on many levels for everyone to smile at in years to come.

A huge Congratulations to Charlotte & Iain. We have full respect and admiration for the work you both do, here are some of your best bits ……..

peterborough photographer cambridgeshire wedding photography
military wedding wedding flowers
wedding bouquet
brides shoes
wedding dress bride ready
candid wedding photography walking to the ceremony
heather wedding flowers detail
Haycock Hotel Haycock Hotel wedding
getting married laughs
loving look exchange of rings
Wedding Guard of Honour Guard of Honour
confetti Peterborough wedding photography
wedding pose loving hug
bridal portrait relaxed couple
walking and chatting
just married flower arrangement
haycock room wedding cake
cake mini me
Northamptonshire wedding photographer speeches
funny speeches dads speech
Haycock Ballroom dads loving touch
Grooms speech good time
best man speech award winning moment
mum laughing wedding kiss
addressing the room cutting the cake
black and white dancing band at the wedding
funny dance wedding birdy song
on the dancefloor wedding photography
the bride and groom
party time listen to the band
guitar rocking
night time pose

Venue - Haycock Hotel, Wansford
Disco - Strobe Disco Roadshow
Band - The Flaming Shambles

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Peterborough Wedding Photography - Rebecca & Glenn at the Haycock Hotel

Our wedding season kicked off in April with two weddings at the Haycock Hotel in Wansford, near Peterborough. Having seen us at the Haycock wedding fayre Rebecca & Glenn booked us almost exactly 12 months before their big day.

The day started for us at 10.00 am at Rebecca’s parents farm, in Aslackby, Lincolnshire, with a very relaxed bride and bridesmaids all getting prepared for Rebecca & Glenn’s big day. The ceremony was at 1.00pm so I left the bridal preparations at 12.00 to catch the Groom and Groomsmen leaving the pub for a short walk to the church to meet the friends and family arriving. Unfortunately my infamous sun dance didn’t work, the dark skies threatened for most of the morning and they finally deciding to rain 10 minutes before Rebecca was due, however we thankfully managed to get Rebecca from the bridal car to the church in-between the showers.

Once in the Church Rebecca’s bubbly personality started to shine through with her infectious smile and loving gaze the whole ceremony was a delight. Even when Rebecca couldn’t hold back the emotions any longer Glenn calmly wiped the tears from Rebecca’s cheek with a tenderness apparent to all.

After the 25 minutes of group shots we had a 30 mile trip to Wansford. We were working to a tight schedule to make sure we could get all of the shots without impacting on Rebecca & Glenn’s day too much and before we could catch our breath we were photographing the evenings partying at 10.00 pm on the dance floor.

Congratulations to Rebecca & Glenn. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves photographing your big day, looking forward to finishing the design of your albums artwork, its going to be stunning!!! Here are a few of your best bits, enjoy …..

Rebecca_Glenn1006 Rebecca_Glenn1008 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1036 copy Rebecca_Glenn1028 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1025 copy IMG_0883 copy
IMG_0894 copy Rebecca_Glenn1045 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1043 copy Rebecca_Glenn1061 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1004 IMG_0868 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1088 copy Rebecca_Glenn1089 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1095 copy Rebecca_Glenn1129 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1102 copy Rebecca_Glenn1104 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1110 copy Rebecca_Glenn1117 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1130 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1151 copy Rebecca_Glenn1154 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1155 copy Rebecca_Glenn1165 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1172 copy Rebecca_Glenn1177 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1180 copy Rebecca_Glenn1196 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1198 copy Rebecca_Glenn1203 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1204 copy Rebecca_Glenn1207 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1212 copy Rebecca_Glenn1214 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1219 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1221 copy Rebecca_Glenn1222 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1224 copy Rebecca_Glenn1230 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1232 copy Rebecca_Glenn1250 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1277 copy Rebecca_Glenn1292 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1303 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1336 copy Rebecca_Glenn1339 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1364 copy Rebecca_Glenn1378 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1388 copy Rebecca_Glenn1394 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1395 copy Rebecca_Glenn1379 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1396 copy Rebecca_Glenn1397 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1407 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1432 copy Rebecca_Glenn1476 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1480 copy Rebecca_Glenn1489 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1495 copy Rebecca_Glenn1501 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1504 copy Rebecca_Glenn1506 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1549 copy Rebecca_Glenn1557 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1559 copy Rebecca_Glenn1573 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1574 copy Rebecca_Glenn1577 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1578 copy Rebecca_Glenn1579 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1583 copy Rebecca_Glenn1587 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1600 copy Rebecca_Glenn1601 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1639 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1649 copy Rebecca_Glenn1654 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1673 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1721 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1760 copy Rebecca_Glenn1787 copy
Rebecca_Glenn1781 copy

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Cambridgeshire Wedding Photography - Clients kind words

A lovely letter through the post today. Sometimes our clients can say it far better than us.

Peterborough wedding photography at Haycock Hotel

We are currently putting the finishing touches to Jane & Tom’s Storybook artwork. Can’t wait to see the finished album and hand it over to the lovely Jane & Tom.

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Cambridgeshire Pre-wedding photo shoot at The Haycock Hotel

On Monday we met with Charlotte & Iain at the Haycock Hotel for their Pre-wedding Engagement photo shoot. We would have normally planned this shoot 4 weeks ago, however, both Charlotte & Iain are in the Military and couldn’t make themselves available until now, just 3 days before their big day. The Haycock Hotel is a regular venue for us so we showed Charlotte & Iain around the area demonstrating how versatile this venue can be for photography. Clicking and chatting as we explored, the hour flew by with both of them amazed at how relaxed and fun the session was. After a drink and a quick planning meeting we are all now thoroughly excited about Thursday, just hope the weather decides to be kind. Here are a few sample shots, well done Charlotte & Iain ….

Cambridgeshire pre-wedding shoot Peterborough wedding photographerEngagement at Haycock HotelNorthamptonshire pre-wedding photographyNorthamptonshire photographer
Cambridgeshire lifestyle photography Leicestershire wedding photographyWedding photographerCorby Wedding Photographypre-wedding portraitNorthamptonshire award winning photographyContemporary Northamptonshire wedding photographyReportage photography Cambridgeshire

The Haycock Hotel, Wansford, PE8 6JA
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Engagement Shoot at Haycock Hotel - Rebecca & Glenn

A couple of weeks ago we met up with Rebecca and Glenn at the Haycock Hotel in Wansford, nr Peterborough. Rebecca & Glenn are getting married at their local church in Aslackby and then travelling to the Haycock Hotel for their wedding breakfast and to party the night away. So when we were discussing where to go for the Engagement Shoot the Haycock Hotel seemed the obvious choice with its walled gardens, a cricket green and field beyond which runs the Nene river. This is a lovely area offering more than ample opportunities for wedding photography with trees, water and walls, and for the more contemporary shots a bright green cricket pavilion.

A gentle stroll along the river, with me clicking as we go, soon allowed Rebecca & Glenn to relax into the shoot, and dare we say it, actually have fun. The key to good wedding photography (in our opinion) is getting the couple to relax, not over-pose every situation, and allow the camera to tell the story and capture those lovely relaxed and intimate moments. Needless to say after seeing the photos Rebecca Glenn both loved them, fully understanding why we have this session prior to the big day. Rebecca emailed to say:

Hello Andrew, hope your well.. I just wanted to say on behalf of Glenn and I that we love the engagement photos, we are very much looking forward to the wedding day and not so nervous now :)

Here are a few select shots of the hour session, can’t wait until their big day in April.

peterborough wedding photographyWedding photography Cambridgeshire Lifestyle photography northamptonshireEngagement shoot peterborough
IMG_2526 copy IMG_2527 copy Posing on gateIMG_2533 copyIMG_2538 copy
IMG_4068 copy IMG_4074 copyhappy couple cuddling by tree

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