Frequently Asked Questions by Schools

Q. Do you charge to attend a school to take our photographs?
No we do not charge. In fact we pay you a % commission on the sales that we achieve.

Q. How do the parents order their photos?
Two options. Either by completing an order form and returning it to the school, or, on-line.

Q. How long will it take to photograph the students?
We cannot say without knowing numbers. As a guide 300 students is typically a half day shoot.

Q. Where do you take the photos?
A school hall or gym is ideal.

Q. Do you sub-contract out the photography?
No. This leads to poor photos and unhappy parents.

Q. Can you Photograph the staff as well?
Yes. We will supply a digital copy of staff photos and student photos to you.

Q. What commission do you pay?
We pay all schools two types of commission. Firstly the normal cash payment. Secondly we give a credit equivalent to the cash payment to pay for other services such as Prom Photography & Photobooths. We therefore pay double than other school photographers. Read more here

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents & Guardians

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
The date for the orders to be delivered to your school is on the top of the order form

Q. If I order my photos on-line will they arrive quicker?
No. All orders, by form or on-line, will be delivered on the date stated on the order form

Q. I have not received my order?
Firstly check with your school that they do not have it. If the order is still missing please contact us

Q. I am not satisfied with my order, what do I do?
If you are not satisfied with your order in any way please contact us immediately.

Q. Why is there a late order fee?

The pricing of the school photos are based upon batch processing the orders and the delivery charges associated with it. A late order has to be processed individually and the additional costs are there to cover the administration and individual delivery costs for that order.

Q. Can I pay for my photos by card?
Yes. If you order your photos on-line you can pay by card.

Q. Can I have my order delivered to my home?
Yes. However a delivery cost will be added and the delivery will require a signature.

Q. Can I have a photo taken with their sibling which is at another school?
This is at the discretion of your school. We are sometimes asked to take such photos before the school opens but larger schools often find that there isn't enough time to accommodate this.

Q. Can I copy the photos I have purchased?
No. ASC Photography Solutions Ltd retains the copyright. The photos, including the proof, may not be published, reproduced or copied without our written permission.

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