Wedding Albums are without doubt the best way to view and keep your favourite photos. Every album that we offer has been chose because of the craftsmanship involved its manufacture using materials that best re-produce the colours and gamut of the original photos.

For every wedding we photograph you receive a mini digital folio which holds CD's containing all your images.

Should you want a Wedding Album we offer three types:

  • MODERN ALBUM (supplied by Loxley Colour)
  • STORYBOOK ALBUM (supplied by Italian Graphistudio)
  • CHIC ALBUM (Supplied by Italian Graphistudio)

Three different styles, yet all stunning. We personally design unique artwork for every client in our own creative way. We don't adopt standard templates and digital effects from the suppliers. We use our expertise in digital wizardry to create artwork that fits with the images and style of your wedding.

Examples of albums and our artwork are available to view at our studio.

Modern Album
black album
Page closeup
Modern Album Portrait
Gate fold on album
Only available in 10"x10" with a black cover. The Modern Album has a magnetic clasp and includes a case. This is our entry level album yet still stylish and superb quality.
Storybook Album
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The Italian Storybook gives you ultimate freedom to have an album totally specified to your taste. You choose your cover type, page thickness and number of pages. Then let us put the design together to give you a truly bespoke album of stunning quality.

Unlike the Modern Album the artwork can go to the edges of the pages and across the spine of the book. We can provide an image design for your cover, use the monogram that you had designed for your stationary or choose a fabric, metal or leather finish. The options are almost endless. Whatever you choose our artwork flair and creativity to put your story together will result in a wedding album unlike anything you have seen before.

Miniature Parents albums are also available. These are exact replicas of your main album and comes in three size options.
Chic Album
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The Chic Album is produced by the same manufacturer as the Storybook. The artwork freedom of going to the page edges and across the spine is still there however it is packaged in a very modern minimalist style.

They are presented in a presentation box. The books simplicity allows the focus to remain on the photographs. The colour of the box and cover can be specified but the clean lines of the pages and cover remain simple and 'CHIC'.

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Thanks Andy. Everyone we have shown the album to so far has absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much for all your help (and patience!). Money well spent and we will definitely recommend you to friends and family :-D
Vicki & Leon

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